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Resting as Awareness: Embodying Truth, Love and Intimacy, 7 Day iRest Silent Meditation Retreat

Retreat is our opportunity to answer the invitation calling us to awaken as our essential nature; that which cannot be objectified and expresses itself as an ease of being and authentic aliveness. Intimacy, truth, and love are natural qualities which blossom when we realize and embody our native ground of Being. Please join IRI retreat leaders Fuyuko Toyota & Stephanie Lopez at this silent retreat as we pause from daily routine and rest in our inherent sense of wholeness and interconnectedness with all of life.

While awakening lies outside technique, contemplative self-inquiry supports psychological integration and spiritual realization. The emphasis of this retreat is the process of self-inquiry permeating every practice in which we engage:

Early morning breathing and meditation

Mid-morning bodysensing yoga and iRest® yoga nidra meditation

Afternoon meditation, dialogue, and self-inquiry

Evening meditation and Q&A satsang gatherings

Each offering is designed to nourish outer silence, inner stillness, and self-realization at all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

This event fulfills the long retreat requirement of the IRI Certification Program.


Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie Lopez, L.I.S.W.-S.

IRI Director of Operations, IRI Board of Directors, Certified iRest Teacher, Supervisor, Senior Trainer & Retreat Leader, San Rafael, CA

Stephanie Lopez is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, Gestalt therapist, yoga teacher, Senior iRest Trainer, Retreat Leader and Supervisor. She is also a Certified iRest Teacher and serves as the Director of Operations for the Integrative Restoration Institute along with being a member of the Board of Directors.

Stephanie’s work is informed by her longtime immersion in the non-dual teachings of yoga and an integration of the wisdom traditions of both Eastern spirituality and Western Psychology. Stephanie interweaves principles of iRest and self-inquiry into her clinical psychotherapy practice. In addition, she maintains a specialized practice devoted to iRest, helping people uncover their essential well-being, deal with difficult emotions & beliefs, and develop a meditation practice. Stephanie’s compassionate presence, depth of knowledge, and love of this work create a welcoming space for insightful learning. She shares her insights in retreats, workshops, classes, and trainings throughout the US and internationally.

Since first meeting and studying with Richard Miller in 2002 Stephanie has been committed to authenticity and truth. In learning to welcome life as it is, life now reveals beauty and wonder in the most ordinary of experiences. She considers it a great privilege to support IRI, its students, and community to bring these teachings out into the world.

Fuyuko Toyota

Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota is a certified iRest® Senior Trainer, Retreat Leader and Supervisor/Mentor. For the past 20 years she has been deeply committed on the path of Yoga and ancient Non-dual wisdom. She is also a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher since 1996.

She incorporates iRest and Self-Inquiry in her teachings of Yoga, Somatic body awareness and meditation at her yoga studio “Prema Yoga” on the Gold Coast, Australia and internationally.

In 2007, Richard Miller, her spiritual mentor, brought to Fuyuko a deeper understanding of living life in a non dual way.  From a life of ever deepening joy, astonishment and Stillness, a heartfelt desire to share these precious teachings has sprung forth.

She teaches and hosts iRest trainings and retreats in Australia and New Zealand. She has been assisting iRest trainings in North America for Richard Miller and other senior trainers.  Please visit her website; www.premayoga.com.au  or write to info@premayoga.com.au



Early Bird Price:

until August 31, 2016

– Single Deluxe $ 2,105

– Double Deluxe $ 1,885

– Single Villa $ 2,335

– Double Villa $ 1,995

Regular Price:

after August 30, 2016

– Single Deluxe  $ 2,485

– Double Deluxe $ 2,235

– Single Villa $ 2,735

– Double Villa $ 2,365