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Indigenous Dream Time: Sacred and Healing Sounds
with Shervin Boloorian

JAKARTA, Dec 2, 2017

3 hour sound healing workshop, live music and meditative sounds to nourish the body, release emotion, clear the mind, and expand consciousness.

This is a deeply relaxing multi-instrumental sound healing journey through nature’s elements; connecting to Didgeridoo, Shaman Drum, Guitar, Meditation Chimes, Native Flute, Voice, Tibetan Bowls, percussion, sacred chants in ancient languages and more.

The workshop will begin with short interactive voice exercises and an opening group mantra, then you will lay back and dive into a sensory-rich world of pure sound vibration from a wide range of natural acoustic instruments. Silk color scarves and natural essences add dimensions of color and aura-soma therapy.

Wherever you are with your yoga practice, these meditative sounds will meet and raise your vibration.

It is arranged based on Fabien Maman’s groundbreaking cellular research examining sound’s effect on blood cells, Chinese Medicine’s five elements, music theory, mysticism, and the Tibetan/Vedic chakras. Instruments are specially grouped and tuned to different keys, corresponding with the body’s energy centers. All levels welcome.

Shervin Boloorian
Shervin is founder of Sound Healing Bali and Founder/Director of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. An Iranian-born vocalist who presents sacred songs in multiple languages, he is a certified sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do “Way of the Soul” Academy (Started in 1988). Shervin’s talents have taken his signature style of “Sound Medicine” to festivals and holistic venues worldwide. Per his specialized energy training with Tama-Do, and shamanic counseling skills from an apprenticeship with Robin Rice, Shervin applies vibrational therapy to soften hearts, nourish, energize and aid the body in self-recovery. Shervin’s voice on his debut CD, ‘Spirit Night By CandleLight’ is described by bestselling author and spiritualist, Margot Anand, as “Angelic.” www.soundhealingbali.com


Special Offer is until Nov 15: Rp. 350.000

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