In 2010, out of our aspiration to share our love of life and to offer sanctuary through offering yoga, Bliss was born.  Every now and then, difficult time came visit, nudging us on the shoulder and even stumbling our way so we fell. We struggled, we doubted ourselves, we wept and we lost our faith.  But always, we came out at the other side stronger and wiser. What it actually did was to remind us of our aspiration and dream.

Life goes on and we are still struggling but yet we are even more in love with life.  We learned to tend to our fire, and even the struggles, it only make it burn brighter.  Along the way, with each and every wind that knocked us down, we are blessed with friends who then become family.  The kind of friends who against all odds roll their sleeves to stand with us. The kind of friends who open their hearts, weep with us and celebrate with us.

And we thought we were in the business of yoga. But we come to realize that we are in the business of living and sharing life, moreover in helping each other to remember whom we truly are.

For that reason, we are making changes on the program that we offer.  We are bringing into light, program that focuses on self-inquiry, inner journey and ones that revolve around mindfulness and wholeness. It diversely varies from Yoga, Meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra, Red Tent Series: Women Empowerment Circle, Sound Healing and others healing modalities.

For the present, we are harnessing our program (teacher training courses, workshops, retreats, etc) and capitalizing on the aspects of life that we regard as significant to bring us closer to our aspiration and to support us in making our dream a reality.  And above all, to give back to our community the love we have received.